Air Source Heat Pump

Demand for economical and highly efficient heating products have increased as standards for energy efficient homes have become paramount. The need has never been greater for environmentally friendly and efficient heating systems. Wharf air source heat pumps utilize energy stored in the air around us, and convert this to useful energy for domestic space heating and hot water. The electrical power into the heat pump enables the unit to extract the energy for the ambient air at a ratio of up to 1:5 thus providing water at a temperature suitable for domestic space heating using either radiators or under floor heating. The Wharf units are designed for domestic space heating and to supply your domestic hot water.

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are electrically powered appliances consisting of a compressor and two carefully matched heat exchangers designed to provide space heating through water systems, either radiators or under floor, by extracting from a free, renewable energy source such as the earth, water or air.

The earth, water or air absorbs and stores heat from the sun and from the earth’s core. In the UK the average constant temperature of the earth at about 1.5m deep, is 11 to 12°C. A similar situation exists with underground water sources or large surface water sources. It is also possible to extract considerable heat from the ambient air at temperatures as low as -15°C.

Heat Pumps are a very cost effective means of providing space heating, because of the high efficiency of the units, the output heat energy can be up to 5 times the electrical input power – something not possible with other methods of heating.

About our Heat pumps
Very Important! Our Heat pumps compete with the best Guaranteed!

They are CE approved and fully passed EN14511 standards!
We offer a 1 Year Guarantee!
They use a Toshiba rotary compressor!
The heat exchanger is stainless!
The defrost mode is reverse cycle!
They use R410A refrigerant (latest high efficiency on the market, we don’t use inferior R407C)!
Check the input power against output power compared to others!
Our heat pumps don’t require an indoor storage unit!
Our heat pumps can be run in series/parallel or replace a boiler giving huge versatility
Our Heat pumps are inexpensive yet compete if not better than the market leaders, PROVEN!
They are very versatile and can be used in many installations i.e. into a thermal store, straight into central heating radiators or under floor heating, for DHW into copper cylinders or pressurized cylinders. To heat swimming pools using an external heat exchanger.

All your extra requirements are a circulation pump and your desired controls!
It has never been easier to utilize heat pump technology until now, our outside unit does all the work, you just connect the flow and return and electrical supply!

Heat pump boiler replacement!

Our Heat pumps are a direct replacement for a regular type boiler. The heat pump will also heat your hot water in a standard copper cylinder or using a pressurized cylinder. The heat pump can also be run in series with your existing boiler, if a long sub zero spell occurs you may want either oil or gas as a backup. The heat pump comes with instructions and an electronic display panel showing return water temp and heat pump monitoring. We have also had the heat pumps modified so they can be controlled using a room stat so the heat pump is not on when not needed as other heat pumps just keep going! If you want to use an external room stat you need to use volt free contacts or take the volt free wires off your zone valves.

Reasons for opting for our Heat Pumps

There are many reasons here is just a few:
They are around 50% cheaper to run than oil 80% cheaper than LPG gas and 30% cheaper than natural gas
You don’t have to buy oil up front (47p a litre current price) or a gas standing charge
You don’t need an oil storage tank
You don’t need to service a heat pump!
Life expectancy of 20 Years!
They are easy to fit (flow and return and electrical supply)
They are very competitively priced
If you can utilize a wind turbine your heating and hot water can be FREE and vastly reduce your carbon footprint!
Tried and Tested

We have installed a 8KW unit into a three bedroom detached house and using an existing oil boiler as a back up (but rarely have we needed it). The house is cavity wall insulated double glazed and roof insulated; we recommend all these to be done to your house before installation of a heat pump. We have 11 convector radiators heating the house none of which we have had to alter from the installation years ago for the oil boiler, but bigger is better and under floor heating is the obvious choice if you can. We can get the house to 21C using the heat pump in conjunction with a programmable room stat, this can be achieved to temperatures outside being 0C, below this figure and for every 1 degree drop outside the temp will roughly drop by 1 inside, so @ -5C outside you can expect 17C inside hence the need for some backup but you can also see that not much is needed and when is it ever -5C outside ALL DAY long?

The money saving side of this is also an added benefit along with saving the planet of CO2 emissions, through the winter months the heat pump cost £289 to run as apposed to around £700 we would have had to purchase of which is ever increasing. We can’t compare to gas as we did not have before, but with this also increasing it must be a little cheaper at the moment and as the gas prices rise heat pumps will be ever more popular when you consider you get around 3 times more energy for your money for the electric you buy, never will gas or oil be more efficient than 99% it is impossible, so every time there is a price increase your 3 times better off with a heat pump.

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