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Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

July 3, 2014 | Comments Off

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is a new incentive from Government. From June 2014 householders, landlords and tenants can claim back up to £7,600 towards energy efficiency improvements such as solid wall insulation, heating and glazing.

GDHIF gives all householders, landlords and tenants a choice of 2-core incentive offers and where they qualify 2 add-on bonus rewards across a range of energy saving home improvements. 

How GDHIF home improvement package works: Chooses offers 1 and/or 2, then add-on 3 and/or 4:

1. Core offer 1: Up to £1,000 for installing 2 eligible energy saving improvements from the list of 12.

2. Core offer 2: Up to 75% of the total cost of internal or external Solid Wall Insulation, up to £6,000.

3. Add-on 3: Up to £500 if you have brought your home in the last 12-months.

4. Add-on 4: Up to £100 refund for having a Green Deal Assessment report (GDAR) that is tailored to your home.

The list of 12 energy saving improvements included in Core

offer 1:

1. Condensing mains gas boiler

2. Fan-assisted storage heaters

3. Flue gas heat recovery

4. Replacement warm-air unit

5. Waste water heat recovery

6. Cavity wall insulation

7. Flat room insulation

8. Floor insulation

9. Room-in-roof insulation

10. Double/triple glazing (Replacing single glazing)

11. Secondary glazing

12. Replacement doors

GDHIF is designed to be flexible and modular and allows you to claim back up to £7,600 towards the cost of making your home more energy efficient. 

To qualify for the GDHIF incentive you need to meet the eligibility criteria, which includes the following key requirements:

  • Be improving a domestic property in England or Wales.
  • Have your proposed improvements recommended on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR), that is less than two years old.
  • Ensure that energy saving improvements you are applying for are eligible under GDHIF.
  • Use an authorised Green Deal Installer or Provider already registered with GDHIF.
  • Apply for your GDHIF voucher before the work commences and agree to the T&C’s.

 To claim your GDHIF incentive you need to complete the following steps:

  • You must have the energy saving improvements installed and make your claim within six months from the date of the voucher being issued.
  • Send the voucher, signed by the Green Deal Provider or Installer to the GDHIF Administrator by email: enquiries@energy-saving-home-improvement-fund.service.gov.uk or post: The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, PO Box 6900, Basingstoke, RG24 4SY.

Attach the following supporting documentation: 

  • Invoices for the works completed.
  • PAS2030 Claim of Conformity (The Green Deal Provider or Installer will give you this).
  • A copy of your GDAR invoice (If you are claiming for a GDAR refund).

If your voucher redemption is successful, the GDHIF Administrator will aim to make payment promptly. 

The GDHIF Administrator will start processing payments from July 2014 onwards.

Some Green Deal Providers can offer Green Deal Finance Plans to help with the upfront cost of installing energy efficiency home improvements. 

Landlords can apply for GDHIF funding but should be aware that special rules apply. Tenants can also apply for GDHIF funding but will need to be contributing towards the majority of the improvement work. 

For more information on the GDHIF, please call 0300 123 1234 or visit www.gov.uk/greendeal


Wharf Can’t Be Beaten!

November 7, 2013 | Comments Off

Another new service from us @ Wharf Plumbing!

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