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Category Archives: PHAM Magazine

Taps for toddlers

January 14, 2014 | Comments Off

Anti-scald Kindergarden taps from Inta are proving to be a hit with tiny tots after Stafford-based nursery Dollymixtures had its washrooms fitted out with the company’s quirky character taps. The anti-scald bathroom manufacturer developed the taps for use alongside its Intamix thermostatic mixing valve to maintain pre-set temperatures and eliminate any risk of scalding – making them an ideal choice for children. Deb Jones, owner of Dollymixtures Nursery, says: “The taps have proven to be a real investment on our part, as the children certainly need less persuading when it comes to hand washing. On top of this, the peace of mind of knowing that a child absolutely cannot scald themselves is priceless.”

Available here @ Wharf Plumbing

No need to guess about dosing levels

November 21, 2013 | Comments Off

The latest version of the Heating System Size Calculator App from Fernox includes underfloor heating installations as well as traditional central heating systems. In addition, it now provides two methods of calculating the volume of a domestic or commercial central heating system. Free to download, the app calculates the size of a central heating system and recommends the correct chemical water treatment products and the dosage level required to extend the life of the boiler and system – removing some of the guesswork for dosing, treating and protecting the system from damaging corrosion. System size can be calculated either by input (The boiler KW rating) or by output (The number of radiators or underfloor heating circuits). The new version of the app also allows installers to join Fernox’s social media channels as well as facilitating a direct link to the company’s technical helpline if further assistance is required. To download the new app simply search for: Heating System Size Calculator or visit: www.fernox.com.


Ferroli Modena HE condensing boiler

August 2, 2013 | Comments Off

One of the product’s key features is its size – at just 600 x 400 320mm, it is reported to be the smallest boiler on the market and can therefore be sited in partically and location. With a new rear pipe space frame, it is now even more adaptable as the accessory allows for the pipes to be run up behind the boiler instead of below or to the side. The range is available as 27kW and 32kW combination and 18kW, 25kW and 32kW system models. All are available with a choice of 2 or 5 year full parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty.

Available now at Wharf Plumbing – Call 01782 785158

Westco Ready Pump Range

| Comments Off

The Lowara Ecocirc complies with two rounds of European energy efficiency legislation; one of which came into effect this year and another is due for 2015. Currently, domestic heating circulators are responsible for 10 to 15% of the avaerage household electricity bill. Most of these consist of fixed three speed standard circulators, which consume anywhere between 520 and 800 kwh a year – almost twice as much energy as an electric cooker or freezer. This equates to up to £110 a year wasted on ineffcient technology.