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JG Speedfit UFH Video Tutorials

November 14, 2013 | Comments Off

Not everyone is an expert in Underfloor Heating and for that reason JG Speedfit have introduced a set of UFH video tutorials to help plumbing professionals better understand the technical and installation details behind the UFH system. The videos are easy to follow self-explanatory guides that can give confidence to even a first time Underfloor Heating installer. Each video features a professional demonstrating how the JG system is put together in a step-by-step manner. Along with a best practice explanation of each JG pipe fixing system, a full breakdown is also provided on how best to prepare the floor, how to connect the manifold with the pipework as well as tips on how to test the system once installed. These videos will fully complement our Speedfit Support Campaign, which aims to inform their contractors of the complete Underfloor Heating technical support package offered by the company. The videos are available on their website – www.speedfitUFH.co.uk and YouTube.

Speedfit UFH is available from us @ Wharf Plumbing