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Category Archives: Builders Merchants News

Apply Once – Job Done with Caulk Once and Fill Once

May 7, 2014 | Comments Off

Caulk Once and Fill Once are the latest products to take centre stage at Everbuild Building Products. Created using the very latest technology, the Caulk Once and Fill Once double act set a new standard in decorating fillers. Caulk Once is a premium quality acrylic caulk which has been formulated to outpreform all other conventional decorating caulks. Offering superior adhesion, low shrink and outstanding flexibility, Caulk Once is a durable, longer lasting product that will cope with joint movement over time, so you wont find yourself replacing it after only a few years.

Available here @ Wharf Plumbing


Marble Tiles from RAK

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A new abstract marble collection has joined RAK ceramics’ range. RAK Saran is available in three natural shades, in a honed porcelain tile and complementary mosaic design. The durable lappato-finished surfaces are suitable for internal wall and floor installation and can also be used on external walls. RAK’s Saran tile is offered in marble-effect beige, grey and brown and measures 59.5×59.5cm. The matching mosaic, in the same colour tones features a metallic bronze inset detail and measures 30x30cm. All surfaces provide high performance, easy maintenance and floor slip resistance of >50 (dry), <24 (wet). They are ideal for spa-style bathroom installations and have been designed for both domestic and commercial applications.

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Gledhill: New addition to the StainlessLite family

April 9, 2014 | Comments Off

NSF-WRC approved, the newest addition to this family is the horizontal unvented indirect hot water cylinder, with capacities from 180 to 300 litres. This, stated as being the only approved domestic horizontal unvented cylinder in the market, has been specifically designed to maximise hot water performance with a specialised corrugated heat exchanger. With solar options available, this new member of the clan is perfect for installing in the available loft space to free up room within living areas. For more information visit www.gledhill.net

Available here @ Wharf Plumbing

Adey MagnaClean Professional 2XP

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This new 28mm magnetic filter, specifically designed to provide the best ongoing maintenance and protection for large domestic heating systems, is – according to the manufacturer – the highest performing product of its type and the only dedicated 28mm unit on the market. Professional 2XP also includes further design advances for your installer customers. The filter’s valves have been designed with a radial and trap seal for increased reliability and the tool-free connection enables threads to engage easily, preventing cross-threading. Plus its 360 degree rotational valves are also said to ensure greater flexibility within the tightest working environments.

Available here @ Wharf Plumbing

Ideal Bathrooms New E-Commerce Website

January 23, 2014 | Comments Off

Ideal Bathrooms has completed its new interactive e-commerce website which will be officially launched in January. It is currently undergoing exhaustive testing with a selection of customers to ensure that everything is fully operational so that it can be used with confidence by all when rolled out to all Ideal bathrooms customers. The new site is presently being tested by 12 customers including small and large high street retailers, merchants and customers with trade counters. Designed for simplicity in use, this will be put to the test in a real, everday usage situation to prove its effectiveness.