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Calling all cadets to the Fernox E-Academy

October 11, 2013 | Comments Off

The new Fernox E-Academy is helping installers improve their knowledge of water treatment with a new training website: www.fernoxacademy.com. The site includes a series of comprehensive e-learning modules, the company’s latest step-by-step ‘How To….’ videos as well as access to added value services such as the Fernox System Size Calculator App. The new website is dedicated to information about chemical water treatment – products, processes, relevant legislation and and Industry issues. Providing real added value for professional installers – the e-academy facilates accessible and interactive training. Users are able to improve their knowledge of water treatment at a learning rate and time convenient to them. For further infomation visit: www.fernoxacademy.com

Kamco adds twin cylinder power flushing pump

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Since Kamco introduced the first reversible flow power flushing pump in 1992, power flushing has become the ‘best practice’ when it comes to cleaning central heating systems plagued by problems with sludge and corrosion debris. BS7593 provides guidence on the correct procedure and it is well accepted that putting the highest possible flow through each radiator in turn (with regular flow reversal) is vital. However, some heating engineers are concerned that thorough cleaning can be a lengthy process and may be tempted to cut corners. Responding to recent customer demand, Kamco has developed a twin cylinder unit, the CombiMag Dual, combining the magnetic power flushing filter and the CombiHeat electric heater in one compact unit. Both cylinders are transparent so that engineers can tell when the magnet needs cleaning without removing it first, saving time and convenience. A built-in bypass allows engineers to remove and clean the magnet without interrupting the power flush. The CombiMag Dual is supplied in a waterproof toolbox with an extra connecting hose so that there is no need to cut into existing hoses in order to use the combined unit.

New A-rated white TRV

September 27, 2013 | Comments Off

Drayton has launched a new colour range for its iconic TRV4. Now available in a neutral white finish, the TRV4 White is also A-rated for energy efficiency. Compact and stylish in design, this new white TRV4 has hygienic wipe-clean surfaces with no slots to collect dust and grime. Half and full click-stop settings, which are particularly useful for the partially sighted, white non-stick plastic internals and replacable parts make the TRV4 a ‘TRV for life’, with a gland seal replacement not requiring a time-consuming system drain down. The TRV4 is also available in Classic and Chrome.

Available from us @ Wharf Plumbing.

Vado is aquired by Norcros business

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Brassware specialist Vado has been aquired by Norcros, a supplier of showers, tiles & adhesives, with group operating companies including Triton Showers, Johnson Tiles and Norcros adhesive. The sale of the company is positive news for Vado’s employees, customers and suppliers. All jobs remain and the company continues to recruit due to growth and substantial plans for the future. Norcros wants to leave Vado running under the current management with the same strategy already in existence for the business. Vado has conssistently delivered a strong revenue preformance with a compound annual growth rate of 16% per annum over the last three years. For the year ending December 31, 2012, Vado had revenues of £25.6 million, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation of £2.5 million and a profit before tax of £2.1 million.

Remote oil levels measuring app

September 11, 2013 | Comments Off

Kingspan Enviromental has launched a new remote oil level monitoring kit as part of its Kingspan Sensor telemetry range, offering property owners the opportunity to monitor their oil heating supplies remotely 24/7. The Watchman Anywhere features a built-in transmitter, which sits on top of the tank and uses ultrasonic level techniques to measure, continually, the level of oil in the tank. The data is collected via abuilt in SIM, which is then transmitted to the Kingspan Sensor data centre.

The Watchman Anywhere allows home and small business owners to monitor their oil levels, through any web-enabled device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. Users will be sent a weekly text and email on the level of oil in their tank as well as having access to the free Android and iPhone app that will also display the level of oil and tank infomation. The infomation can be accessed by owners anywhere in the world. First-time users will receive a 12-month free subscription.

Ferroli Modena HE condensing boiler

August 2, 2013 | Comments Off

One of the product’s key features is its size – at just 600 x 400 320mm, it is reported to be the smallest boiler on the market and can therefore be sited in partically and location. With a new rear pipe space frame, it is now even more adaptable as the accessory allows for the pipes to be run up behind the boiler instead of below or to the side. The range is available as 27kW and 32kW combination and 18kW, 25kW and 32kW system models. All are available with a choice of 2 or 5 year full parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty.

Available now at Wharf Plumbing – Call 01782 785158

Online Calculator

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Dimplex has launched an online calculator to help with calculating the heating requirements of a building and selecting the most appropriate heat pump and ancillary equipment. The new heat pump sizing tool allows users to input details about the project they’re working on, generate a report that can be used to give homeowners a useful estimate of costs before they decide to proceed to a full quotation. The report includes a summary of the equipment for the project with prices and product datasheets, a calculation of the expected savings against the current fuel type and a hydraulic showing how all the components connect together. Installers simply enter details about the geographic location, size and construction of the property, select the type of heat emitters to be used with the system and provide an estimate of hot water demand.

Transforming gas safety inspections

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Easy safety cert is a mobile app and online database that offers a quick and easy way to create, send and store gas safety inspections. The hassle free app allows engineers to complete gas safety records, warning notices and electrical cross bonding records on the job and automatically emails them to clients. The system is designed to remove as much data entry as possible using menus and automatically generates warning notices and cross bonding records with the job details. Easy safety cert provides a user-friendly and secure online database that automatically sets 12-month inspection reminders, stores completed certificates along with client and job details. The database also provides a job management system allowing users to allocate inspection jobs to thier team and track completed inspections. The app is available free on iPhone. An Android and iPad version will be launched soon.

Westco Ready Pump Range

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The Lowara Ecocirc complies with two rounds of European energy efficiency legislation; one of which came into effect this year and another is due for 2015. Currently, domestic heating circulators are responsible for 10 to 15% of the avaerage household electricity bill. Most of these consist of fixed three speed standard circulators, which consume anywhere between 520 and 800 kwh a year – almost twice as much energy as an electric cooker or freezer. This equates to up to £110 a year wasted on ineffcient technology.

Sika acquired leading UK manufacturer of sealants

July 31, 2013 | Comments Off

Sika has aquired Everbuild Building Products Ltd, the Uk’s largest independent manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and construction chemicals. Everbuild is located in Leeds with annual sales revenue in excess of £60 million and a workforce of 270 employees. Everbuild, founded in 1994, is a highly reputed brand in the Uk building market and the clear leader in professional distrbution channels. The company operates a manufacturing facility for the full range of construction chemical products with laboratories and a logistic hub in Leeds, UK.