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JG Layflat Pipe

December 16, 2013 | Comments Off

JG Speedfit are proud of a recent addition to their product range – JG Layflat Pipe, as it turly represents the companys objective to provide cutting-edge plumbing and heating solutions that allow for swift, smooth and easy installations. The JG Layflat pipe simply lays flat, stays flat and is ultra flexible, allowing greater control and ease of movement making it possible for a single person to meander and route the pipe as they wish. Transporting the JG Layflat pipe is hassle-free in comparison to copper equivalents, requiring no ‘clumsy’ installation tool boxes, being very light to carry and compact enough to be loaded into a small space whilst moving from the shop to the construction site. Regardless of whether you are using a 25m or a 150m JG Layflat coil, the pipe is consistently easy to remove from the packaging. Once installed, the JG Layflat pipe proves to save energy due to the specific thermal conductivity properties of plastic, allowing minimal heat loss. This makes it the perfect choice for any UFH system, especially when powered by condensing boilers, ground-source and air-source heat pumps. For more information on JG Layflat, visit the JG website at www.speedfit.co.uk where video installation guides are also available.

Available here @ Wharf Plumbing

Altecnic extends TMV2 range

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Altecnic, the UK’s leading supplier of superior plumbing equipment, is extending its range of fully acredited thermostatic radiator valves designed specifically for centralised systems. The 28mm WRAS approved 521928 TMV2 has a working pressure of 14 bar and is suitable for multiple outlet installations which demand high flow rates such as sports centres and schools. Altecnic’s TMV also automatically responds to changes in water pressure during peak usage times to maintain the mixed outlet water at the required safe temperature. For more infomation about Altecnic’s accredited product range visit www.altecnic.co.uk

Available here @ Wharf Plumbing


Warming to Inta’s new range

December 9, 2013 | Comments Off

Inta is celebrating success after learning that plumbers and installers are responding well to its plumbing & heating products, as the range approaches its first year anniversary. Known in the industry for anti-scald taps, valves and showers, Inta launched its first catalogue with a comprehensive range of products last December. With everything from thermostatic and pressure reducing valves right through to the company’s magnetic filter, the Intaklean, merchant feedback has shown that the industry is increasingly using – and trusting – Inta’s heating offering.

The Intaklean, is available from us @ Wharf Plumbing.

‘Easitext’ thermostat

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Drayton has launched two new MiStat RF room thermostats. MiStat RF room thermostats are part of the new Mi Series from Drayton and the range includes the wireless programmable thermostat and wireless room thermostat. Devices from the range feature ‘easitext’, an on screen step-by-step programming guide that makes navigating and setting the controls easy. The MiStat thermostats have a large backlit display. MiStat thermostats use wireless technology offering a robust and reliable two-way wireless connection. They also feature a signal strength indicator, which ensures the installer can find the best position possible for the device.

No need to guess about dosing levels

November 21, 2013 | Comments Off

The latest version of the Heating System Size Calculator App from Fernox includes underfloor heating installations as well as traditional central heating systems. In addition, it now provides two methods of calculating the volume of a domestic or commercial central heating system. Free to download, the app calculates the size of a central heating system and recommends the correct chemical water treatment products and the dosage level required to extend the life of the boiler and system – removing some of the guesswork for dosing, treating and protecting the system from damaging corrosion. System size can be calculated either by input (The boiler KW rating) or by output (The number of radiators or underfloor heating circuits). The new version of the app also allows installers to join Fernox’s social media channels as well as facilitating a direct link to the company’s technical helpline if further assistance is required. To download the new app simply search for: Heating System Size Calculator or visit: www.fernox.com.


JG Speedfit UFH Video Tutorials

November 14, 2013 | Comments Off

Not everyone is an expert in Underfloor Heating and for that reason JG Speedfit have introduced a set of UFH video tutorials to help plumbing professionals better understand the technical and installation details behind the UFH system. The videos are easy to follow self-explanatory guides that can give confidence to even a first time Underfloor Heating installer. Each video features a professional demonstrating how the JG system is put together in a step-by-step manner. Along with a best practice explanation of each JG pipe fixing system, a full breakdown is also provided on how best to prepare the floor, how to connect the manifold with the pipework as well as tips on how to test the system once installed. These videos will fully complement our Speedfit Support Campaign, which aims to inform their contractors of the complete Underfloor Heating technical support package offered by the company. The videos are available on their website – www.speedfitUFH.co.uk and YouTube.

Speedfit UFH is available from us @ Wharf Plumbing

Wharf Can’t Be Beaten!

November 7, 2013 | Comments Off

Another new service from us @ Wharf Plumbing!

Bring in a genuine quote and let us beat it!

Had a quotation from another Plumbers Merchants? Well bring it in to us at Wharf Plumbing and let us better it! And if we can’t, receive a free box of screws just for letting us try!

Call into either our Scholar Green or Congleton Branch today.

The JG Double Check Service Valve

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The new 15mm Double Check/Stop Valve by JG Speedfit is a push-fit valve for the connection of plastic and copper pipe. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK, the valve incorporates Speedfit technology and only allows water to flow through in one direction therefore preventing back flow of potential contaminants. This particular check valve has a built in isolator making it two products in one. Simply push the valve fully on to the pipe. Should the need arise to demount the connection, push the collect towards the body of the fitting and pull the pipe to release. Installation can be reduced by around 40% against tradition fixing methods.


  • Lead free and non toxic
  • BSI and WRAS approved
  • Push-fit and demountable connections
  • No scale build up and corrosion free

Available from us @ Wharf Plumbing.

Abacus Elements raises the bar

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Abacus Elements is a range of easy to install, tileable wet floor systems for the perfect bathroom. Made in the UK by Abacus Direct Ltd, the waterproof structural foam boasts high insulation properties and high compressive strength. Added benefits include a lightweight, easy-to-handle structure which is easy to cut, fire retardant and made without CFC, HCFC, HFC or CO2, so it can also help reduce carbon footprint of a building. New Abacus Elements come with a 10-year guarentee and boards that can support a greater weight of tiles than plasterboard or timber.

Available from us @ Wharf Plumbing.

MagnaClean in miniature form

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MagnaClean Micro2 is the smallest filter launched yet by the magnetic filtration manufacturer, ADEY Proffesional Heating Solutions. It has taken the MagnaClean Professional2 central heating system filter and reproduced it, only smaller. The miniature filter, with a total canister height of just 151mm, is not just compact in terms of dimensions. It claims the smallest installation and servicing height in the industry, according to ADEY. Clearance of just 25mm above and below the filter is all that’s required to carry out a service. Micro2 offers in-line installation in a couple of minutes once the system’s been drained, thanks to its proven push-fit fittings. MagnaClean Micro2 is available from all major merchants and comes with a two-year guarantee.

Available from us @ Wharf Plumbing.